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5 Ways to Attract Applicants

We get the question often from frustrated hiring managers everywhere, “How do I attract applicants…?”
Here are 5 ways you can take advantage of your existing resources such as your company website, social media and marketing efforts to help attract a healthy funnel of applicants to fill the holes in your roster…

1. Broadcast Internal Promotions.   Congratulating an employee for developing into a higher level position through all of your marketing mediums can go a long way to impressing upon potential job seekers what a great place your business must be to work.

2. Broadcast Congratulations for people moving on.  We never enjoy losing valuable, hardworking employees but when one of your team members has moved on to bigger and better things as a result of using your company as a legitimate stepping stone, be proud of it.  Don’t be afraid to let the world know that working for you can lead to the next step for someone with ambition.

3. Broadcast your training program.  Letting potential candidates know that your company will support them with a good training program will help them feel at ease especially if your business is one that requires unique or specialized skills.

4. Broadcast Talent Success Stories.  So, you found a diamond in the rough and low and behold, your new hire has blown out every performance expectation you put in front of them.  Why not tell people about it?  Who knows, your next super star could be saying, “Hey, I can do that, I wonder if they have any more openings?”

5. Broadcast Employee Benefits that lead to personal development.  Do you offer to pay for higher education or training that could boost an individual’s personal skill set?  With education costs rising and the job markets getting crowded, job seekers are learning that any advantage could be the difference between finding the career of their dreams and finding the unemployment office.

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