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Our Mission is to slow the revolving door so our clients are able to spend more time developing human assets and deliver the best customer service.

Our Vision is to be a resource to our customers by offering and aligning with results driven partners and products whose solutions decrease risk and increase efficiency and profitability for our client’s organizations.

Our Values dictate how we do business everyday. We strive to provide exceptional customer service while operating with extreme agility and unsurpassed integrity.

It is nearly impossible to get traction in a business when constantly focusing on the task of filling positions and retaining employees. The reality is that there are not bad employees in the market place. However, there are bad fits with some employees and some job positions. Hire Well Now’s employment pre-screening and employee inventory system helps business increase productivity by reducing:

– Workforce Turnover
– Workforce Drama
– Loss due to dishonest employees
– Employee absenteeism
– Workers Comp claims
– Unemployment claims
– Workforce Job Satisfaction
– Workforce Productivity

While increasing:

– Workforce Job Satisfaction
– Workforce Productivity

Hire Well Now specializes in finding the RIGHT PEOPLE to do the RIGHT THINGS. Our proprietary inventory and assessment system           “The Hiring Suite” measures 10 dimensions of personality, 4 dimensions of integrity and academia competence.

By analyzing our clients top performers, we create custom success patterns for each job category within the business culture. When these success patterns are paralleled next to the patterns of employment candidates, gaps or similarities can be easily discovered. The result is better hiring decision, faster.

When the RIGHT people do the RIGHT things, amazing things happen for a business. Our clients spend less time on workforce drama and filling shifts and more times on the things that drive profitability; employee development and customer experience.

Hire Well Now is a privately held company, located in West Plains Missouri. If you would like more information on how Hire Well Now can help you find the RIGHT people please email



Jonathan Bergman | CEO
“JB” has been in retail sales and marketing for more than 20 years. From Snow Boards to Radio Advertising, he has trained countless sales reps to exceed customer’s expectations. He successfully led 40 cellular operations to increasing revenues and profits every year. “JB” understands the many pitfalls, challenges and mistakes independent retailers must overcome in this new era of operating business profitably. In addition to his CEO duties, JB is the President of Corporate Dynamics Inc. a premier sales and management training firm. In this role, JB facilitates training sessions with retailers across the country in the areas of sales, management, employee pre-employment screening and on boarding. JB lives in West Plains Missouri with his wife and four children.

Robert Butler | COO
Graduate from the University of Missouri, Robert has spent more than 15 years in the private retail sector. Sales management is his passion. Robert is motivated by helping employees reach their ultimate potential. He understands that a companys most precious asset is their workforce. Robert shows business owners and managers how to embrace the challenges of managing a workforce to peak performance. In addition to his COO responsibilities, Robert is head of Hire Well Now’s Hiring Suite product line. When not visiting with clients or creating custom employee models for Hiring Suite customers, Robert enjoys time with his wife and two kids in West Plains Missouri.