APlus Payroll

In life, sometimes things don’t go as planned and all you need to rectify a problem is a little information. You deserve to have a real person assist in finding the solutions you need, NOW. You will find the highly trained staff at APlus to be knowledgeable, friendly and focused on the needs of your business. They are not satisfied, until you are.

At APlus, their  clients are their top priority. They pride themselves  on their state of the art technology, there is no question that they glean more satisfaction in knowing that they have made their clients’ processes better and that they trust their implicitly to have their best interests at heart. From 1 employee to 5,000, their services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.

There is as much difference between software as there is between those who operate it. APlus set out to not only compete with other services but, quite literally change the standard of how payroll companies operate. You will find the highly trained staff at APlus to be knowledgeable, friendly and focused on the needs of your business. They are not satisfied, until you are.

Integrated with our Talent Master Plus System

Find out the advantages of having your HRIS & Payroll system together in one database. No interfacing necessary! Benefits tracking, OSHA reporting, performance reviews, applicant tracking & more. Full data history and custom reporting – all built in!

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Give your employees access to their personal information, wage history, w-2’s, and time off. Let them request personal information changes or time off!

Custom Reports

This is their forte! One of the advantages of using APlus Payroll is the custom reporting. They have an extensive database with your information in it. Let them help you customize the way in which you access and use that data!

APlus Time

Forget the time cards. APlus has an online time & attendance solution for you. Whether it is our Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition, they can give you tools to make labor management streamlined.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp

No more annual audits! No more underpayments! With their pay-as- you-go system, the exact amount of work comp is drafted each payroll and there is no annual audit!

Cafeteria Plan Administration

Integrate your cafeteria plan with your payroll! No more third party administration. Employees can receive reimbursements right on their paycheck!

Tax Credit Services

Let them help you identify, track and redeem employment tax credits!

New Hire Reporting

When you hire a new employee, you must report that new hire to the state. They will take care of this for you!

Child Support & Garnishments

Don’t worry about tracking all your employees’ child support and garnishment orders. They will do it for you. They will set them up and prioritize them for you and automatically generate the check to the appropriate agency!

401k Integration

This is a new area receiving more scrutiny. The time frame for reporting your 401k deductions is getting shorter and shorter. They can upload this information to your 401k provider for you!

Tax Pay & File (Multi-State)

APlus Payroll  handle all tax payments and filings regarding your payroll. They file in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico. They also handle all local taxes and state reciprocation agreements!

HR Support Center

All APlus Payroll clients have access to our complimentary HR Support Center. This is a resource for your HR administrator. Search federal & state laws. Look up FAQ’s. Find audio presentations on HR topics. HR templates & more!


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