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I9 Review™

In response to recent, widespread enforcement, Hire Well Now has a solution for your employment eligibility documents. Our Error Proof I-9™ allows you to quickly and accurately complete I9s remotely anywhere in the country. The best part is that since your I9s are electronic you will never have to track down the old paper copies.

I-9s in three easy steps:

  1. Employee logs into our system either remotely or at your office then completes Section One of our Error Proof I-9™ and signs it electronically.
  2. On the employee’s first day Hiring Manager or representative logs on, reviews the applicant’s list A, B, or C documents, completes section 2 of the Error Proof I-9™ and signs it electronically.
  3. The electronic I-9 can then be submitted to E-Verify or simply stored and retained on our secure servers located in the USA. Our servers will even auto-archive old I9s according to the 1 year/ 3 year rule.


  • Compatible with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify Program.
  • Ensures all I-9s are complete as well as transmitted and stored securely.
  • Provides full compliance with I-9 regulations with respect to electronic processing, storing and tracking I-9s.
  • Manages I-9 compliance with dedicated HR professionals.
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