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Online Applications Plus™

Dynamic Employment Center

Online Applications Plus™ is designed to make the application process simple for the job seeker and thorough for hiring personnel.

Step by Step ApplicationStep-by-step application process
Online Applications Plus™ creates a great experience for the applicant. Our design walks them through the process and assures that their qualifications and interests are recorded. Resumes can be uploaded very simply. In addition, Online Applications Plus™ will automatically launch Hire Well Now’s pre-employment assessments including the Johnston Index®, Sales Plus®, Insure Survey® and Personality Plus®. This means you have all the information you need to conduct quality interviews.

Pre-screen with ease
Online Applications Plus™ takes the headaches out of hiring by getting  the necessary releases from the applicant to hasten your pre-screening processes. Users have direct access to Hire Well Now’s CourtCheck™ – online background checks and DrugNegative™ – paperless drug screening systems.

Quick and simple job posting
Post new job openings quickly with our “Quick Click” process. Job descriptions and requirements can be archived and similar positions can be posted for different departments in various regions in seconds.

Position locations and zip code search Career Opportunities

Online Applications Plus™ allows users to create job availability by department, by region or by state. Job seekers can use a variety of methods to find available positions near where they live or willing to commute.

Route applications anywhere
Incoming applications are routed based on client needs. Simple interface allows you to add or modify application routing. All applications are stored securely on Hire Well Now partner server. Access your Online Applications Plus™ portal from any secure terminal, even your smart phone, anytime.

Find Applicants

 High touch yet affordable services

Your Online Applications Plus™ system is created and set up by Hire Well Now. We pride ourselves in our ability to react to customer needs quickly.  Regardless of your business size, Hire Well Now can create a solution bundle that will help you hire the RIGHT people, for the RIGHT positions in your company. For more information fill out the short form to the right or call 866.717.9808.