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TracPoint Loyalty Marketing

Incorporated in 2003, TracPoint provides Loyalty and Marketing programs that help businesses leverage their customer base to increase sales. We believe that every marketing dollar spent should be tracked and measured so business owners can learn what works and what doesn’t…so advertising dollars can be spent with confidence and/or eliminated when a particular medium doesn’t produce. Having a wireless industry focus along with the experience of working with many retailers on thousands of marketing campaigns across the country has allowed us to develop best practices, and build uniquely innovative programs that deliver results:

TracPoint Apps

TracPoint Apps is a mobile App platform that provides businesses of all sizes, a feature rich and affordable solution to deploy a beautifully designed custom branded app with the goal of increasing customer loyalty and repeat visits. These unique applications are designed to meet the needs of wireless retailers, including: My Rep digital business cards, geo-location push notifications, store locations and directions, surveys, promotional coupons, rewards programs, integration with your social media and much much more. All of these functions are now conveniently located in one place, and easily loaded onto your customers’ smartphones at the point of sale. These apps are designed to work with the Apple App store, Android Google Play store and HTML5 mobile web.

Trac-Mail: TracPoint’s Emailing Service with Serialized Barcoded Coupons

Trac-Mail is a platform that produces uniquely barcoded emails that can be sent directly to your customers. These high quality emails can be sent as thank you’s, upgrades, seasonal campaign or for special store promotions. Unlike any other email service, with Trac-Mail, retailers can now track every email and redemption with unique barcodes.

Automated Gift Card Mailers

Our mailing experience has taught us that highly personalized plastic Gift Card mailers are treated differently than any paper mailer product, and simply outperforms other direct mailers by a wide margin. TracPoint offers these customized and personalized Gift Card Mailers in several different formats.


 Neighborhood Direct Mail Oversized paper mailers sent to prospects around your store’s buying radius

As a Wireless Retailer, you can now reach every household around your stores with these high quality oversized paper mailers, with TracPoint’s Neighborhood Direct Mail. Make sure every prospect in the buying radius of your retail store knows where to shop for phones and accessories.

Using the most cost effective method of mailing via your local post office allows you to both get your message out to a large audience and differentiate your wireless stores from the competition. This is not your average full saturation mailing!

Gift Card Self Mailers Our Self Mailer formats are ideal for Wireless Retailers looking for a fast and simple way to send Gift Card Mailers as Thank You’s and Upgrade offers directly from their store.

Much like our Automated Mailers, TracPoint’s self mailers are custom designed for you, with your company logo, authorized carrier logo, address, telephone number, web address and bar codes. Instead of TracPoint mailing out the Gift Card Mailers for you, we send them straight to your stores, so you can reach your customers with offers the very same day! Simply hand write your customer’s address information on the card, fill out the expiration date on the back, personalize, sign it and send it out the door!

Gift Card Products Set your retail stores up with your very own Gift Cards!

Allow your customers to purchase Gift Cards with different dollar amounts at your stores. With your company logo and stunning creative, gift cards are an exciting form of branding for your company, and a constant reminder of your business and its products.

It would be our pleasure to personally introduce to the great team that is TRACPOINT Marketing. Please fill out the contact information to the right and we help get your relationship started with TRACPOINT.