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Make it easy for your Employees to tell you what they think with our MOBILE FRIENDLY, customized Employee surveys!








Job Satisfaction Interviews

While it’s true that the primary reason a person gets a job is for the money, it isn’t necessarily why they stay.  In fact, an employee may accept less pay to stay somewhere that meets their other needs.  Hire Well Now can help you learn exactly what those needs are with our Job Satisfaction Surveys.


You can learn:




  • How well your training program works.
  • What your employees especially like.
  • What your employees especially dislike.
  • Whether you are providing the tools and resources your employees need.
  • How your management interacts with their team.








Why guess?

All of this valuable information can be at your fingertips!  Hire Well Now will design and implement an Job Satisfaction Survey as a third party, assuring your employees of the confidentiality of their answers so you get the real picture.  After the two week survey, you’ll receive a detailed report with easy to follow graphs, actual employee comments, and recommendations based on your results.


Exit Interviews

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!





  • Are your competitors luring away your employees with inflated promises?
  • Do you have a manager that needs some interpersonal skills training?
  • Is there an employee that seems to cause drama wherever they go?
  • Are there unethical or even illegal practices going on?
  • Does one location lose an unusually large number of people?
  • At what point in their employment term do people typically leave?





These are just a few of the insights our Exit Interview program can provide.  People who have left the company will often reveal what someone still employed would be afraid to.  Hire Well Now operators attempt to contact those who have left your employment via phone.  If a phone connection cannot be made after several attempts, a link to the survey is then emailed.  Data is compiled quarterly and sent to you in a comprehensive report that contains easy to follow statistics and graphs as well as the actual comments from the interviews.


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