Better Onboarding

Paperless Onboarding:

New hire paperwork made easy and MOBILE

Save time, money, frustration and resources with Hire Well Now’s OnboardingPLUS™

OnboardingPLUS™. a cloud-based employee onboarding document system, not only allows your new hires to complete their required paperwork accurately from any secure internet terminal, but it is also fully optimized for a quick and convenient mobile experience from any mobile device!


Onboard New Employees Efficiently and With Confidence!


Easy to Assign:





  • Hire Well Now’s applicant tracking system will send an email to the new hire with the onboarding link.
  • We can provide a similar link for other system or you can send the onboarding email directly from the OnboardingPLUS™ system.






Easy to Read and Understand:





  • Clear instructions make the onboarding process quick and easy for new hires.
  • Applicant enters vital contact information into the main screen.
  • This information is then pushed on to your various forms where needed. The applicant will only enter their name once in the process, saving time and reducing duplication errors.






Easy to Review and Verify:





  • Intuitive dashboard guides the verification manager and process manager through the system easily.
  • Notification system alerts users of new hire activity.











  • Digital files are created for each employee displaying contact information and links to new hire documents.
  • Easily add existing or scanned documents to employee files.











  • New hire completes section 1 of form I-9.
  • Verification manager electronically completes section 2 of I-9 and verifies identity documents.
  • Live connection with DHS e-verifies the I-9 with 15 seconds.





Easy to Retrieve and Process:




  • New hire data is transposed onto actual state and federal forms for easy processing.
  • Withholding forms are minimized and optimized for mobile application.












  • View or print documents on demand one at a time or in multiple bundles.
  • Legible, error free documents using digital print.











  • Employee fills out questionnaire that allows HWN to process the 8850 for Work Opportunity Tax Credits.
  • HWN WOTC team then manages the entire process to insure full Work Opportunity Tax Credit potential is realized.






Easy to Maintain and Add New Documents:





  • New or updated documents can be sent to employees for signature then automatically loaded into their record.
  • Documents can be sent to a single employee, group of employees, by location or all employees at once.
  • Reports can be generated for easy accountability.









  • Any client unique form can be digitized to allow new hires to execute electronically.
  • Our process simplifies the layout of your documents so they can easily be fill out and signed via a mobile device.










  • Candidate selects work location via location tree and state drop down.
  • Forms that are required in various states are loaded for the new hire to execute.







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For more information about OnboardingPLUS™ please contact Sales at 866-717-9808, use the contact form, or email