Drug ScreeningPLUS™ is dedicated to being your premier drug screening provider. Our network of thousands of testing centers ensures that you are never too far from a convenient location. Our most common drug screening tests include 5 and 10 panel drug screenings with paperless electronic registration. Simply put you can throw out that case of chain of custody forms that you are holding on to. There are a myriad of reasons that an employer would request their employees or applicants to take a drug test. Below is a list of the most common reasons that employers drug screen their employee.

Pre-Employment Screening – Some employers choose to base their applicants’ employment eligibility on a clear drug screen.

Random Drug Screening Program – Let us setup a truly random drug screening program for you. Drug and alcohol users often abstain from use while looking for employment. After passing their drug test and starting their new job, they go back to using drugs. Random drug tests can prevent employees from resuming drug use

Post-Accident Screening – Employers may also test employees that are involved in workplace accidents. Drug use in the workplace accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in lost  productivity each year. These tests determine if alcohol or drug abuse was a contributing factor in the accident