FIT Assessment


It’s all about FIT!

Hire Well Now’s FIT™ –  Real-time, Inexpensive, Online Assessment Test Platform

Superior Candidate Insight:

FIT™ measures candidates on 10 different personality traits. Unlike other assessment companies our expanded Big 5 approach provides a broader view of candidate fit to position and thus more predictive value to the pre-hire assessment.

Easy to interpret reports:

FIT™ reports are easy to understand and interpret so hiring managers can begin using them immediately. No need for special training, scoring or reliance on 3rd parties to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate relative to the position.

Improved recruitment brand and candidate experience:

FIT™ enhances your recruitment brand with clean, simple interface and short time to completion. We don’t bog candidates down with irrelevant questions or long, boring assessments. In fact, most candidates report that taking the FIT™ assessment enhanced their opinion of the hiring company.

One piece of a bigger picture:

FIT™ is one piece of our Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, the most complete set of talent selection tools available from a single vendor. Most customers start a relationship with HIRE WELL NOW using a single product but quickly see the incremental predictability and value of the other products in the suite. No matter where you start with HIRE WELL NOW you can be assured we will be able to grow with your talent selection needs.

Integrated with Hire Well Now’s Applicant Tracking System:

FIT™ assessment has been seamlessly integrated with Hire Well Now’s Applicant Tracking System. We call it RecruitingPLUS™ . This system creates a robust career center on each client’s website. As applicants apply to the available jobs, the system automatically executes the FIT™ assessments to the candidate. The results are then visible within the RecruitingPLUS™ system.

For more information on how Hire Well Now’s unique hiring systems can help you determine if a candidate is the RIGHT FIT for your business send an email to or click here.