– Fully Automated      – Predictive      – Easy to Use and Understand

Hire Well Now’s FITReference™ is a pre-employment reference checking system designed to provide hiring managers with insights about a candidates past job performance. The automated process is done in real time; during the candidate’s application process which means less time spent gathering traditional reference information and more time to analyze the candidates past success patterns to make a better hiring decision.

Online Reference Checking that’s Predictive:

Combining world-class behavioral science and scalable technology, FITreference™ advanced employee reference check automates pre-employment reference checking. We combine this with leading behavioral science developed at the State University of New York at Albany, making your screening and hiring process predictive for better candidate selection. FITReference™ is like your own personal reference checking service but with in depth data that’s predictive. Improve your HR department’s efficiency by having a predictive online reference check process.
Clients using FITreference™ have been able to:

  • Reduce time needed to check references by over 90%
  • Boost reference provider completion rates to over 80%
  • Improved your recruitment brand
  • Increased candidate pipeline- in terms of size and quality