Save time, energy, frustration and resources by onboarding your new hires digitally!

Hire Well Now’s OnboardingPLUS™ cloud-based employee onboarding document system not only allows your new hires to complete their required paperwork accurately from any secure internet terminal, but it is also fully optimized for a quick and convenient mobile experience from any mobile device!


Onboard New Employees Efficiently and With Confidence!

OnboardingPLUS™ assists businesses in their new hire process. By replacing traditional paper methods, Hire Well Now can help streamline the hiring process, reduce errors in data entry, and minimize costs incurred in the existing workflow process.

Unique Onboarding Documents Electronically Executed and Signed!

Hire Well Now can help you customize your employee onboarding application process to meet the needs of your company as well as work with you to provide additional services that will help to ensure your compliance and minimize your risk.

Documents that are Traditionally Part of the OnBoardingPLUS System Include:

–    State and Federal with holding forms
–    Federal Form I9 with or without E-Verify
–    EEOC documentation
–    Handbook Receipt Acknowledgement
–    Insurance forms
–    Various Employee Agreement forms
–    Any unique company form can be digitized!

Transactional Work Opportunity Tax Credit System:

Hire Well Now offers Federal and State Tax Credit implementation for your company. In conjunction with our technology partners, we have developed internal technology systems to ensure the proper implementation of a WOTC program. This system allows our clients to electronically capture tax credit data during the onboarding process. It then tracks the available Federal credits throughout the verification process while screening for State credits that may be relevant to each client.

Our System can help you Claim Thousands of Dollars in Tax Credits!!

Federal and State Tax credits exist to encourage and strengthen employers’ ability to hire more employees. A single new hire that qualifies for a WOTC can generate as much as $2400 or more in tax credits. Our automated system takes the hassle that comes from gathering the necessary forms and file deadlines so you can focus on the more pressing issues. The system