The Hiring Suite


Employees are the lifeblood of business.

From customer interactions to internal teams, having the RIGHT employee in place is the difference between running a successful business or not. The question is how do you find the RIGHT people? How do you keep your hiring standards consistent throughout all departments? How do you arm your managers with hiring practices and policies that do not set them up for failure?

Hire Well Now proudly presents The Hiring Suite. A unique personality & integrity assessment system that takes the guess work out of interviewing. By measuring ten dimensions of personality, four dimensions of integrity and basic academia, The Hiring Suite system will help insure that you get the RIGHT employee in the RIGHT position.

The Results: Lower turnover, lower absenteeism, less medical leave, less workers compensation claims, increased teamwork, and increase efficiency and increase profitability for your company.

The Hiring Suite includes:

Insure Survey

Johnston Index