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Hire Well Now sets a new standard for Human Talent acquisition, on boarding and training services

January 1, 2013 – West Plains, Missouri Hire Well Now has teamed up with the HR industry’s BEST-IN-CLASS systems to offer a Total Solution Platform. These tools, coupled with Hire Well Now’s expertise will have companies hiring more HEROES in 2013.

Hire Well Now’s TSP (Total Solution Platform) provides tools and services within the following five key areas of Human Talent acquisition, on boarding and development:

Hire Well Now and NEWTON SOFTWARE™ team up to bring the industries only “Green Means GO, Red Means NO” Applicant Tracking System to small and medium sizes employers. This system is integrated with top online job recruiting services like MONSTER™, CAREER BUILDER™,™ and social networks to streamline and automate your recruiting process. 

Hire Well Now’s online Background Check, Drug Testing and Reference Verification services gives our clients the information needed in a timely and straightforward manner, while maintaining applicant rights and limiting client liability.  This product is available as a stand-alone system or has been integrated with our new NEWTON ™ ATS System!

Hire Well Now’s line of applicant assessment tools allows interviewers to ask the right questions when interviewing applicants. Our custom benchmarking service allows our customers to hire based on job and team fit. These tools are also integrated with our new NEWTON™ ATS System to allow a seamless applicant flow within the hiring process.

Hire Well Now introduces TALENT MASTER™ – Human Talent Information System. A cloud based, fully customizable HRIS for small and medium sized employers.  Tracking time and attendance, and automating on boarding and benefits enrollment are just a few of this system’s features.  Activate the payroll module and Hire Well Now’s PayrollPLUS™ service, powered by our national partner APLUS Payroll, completely manages and executes any and all payroll needs.

Proper Training and Ongoing Development are the keys to employee retention and profitability.  HWN is pleased to announce an exciting joint training venture with Corporate Dynamics Inc., the nation’s top training company.  Effective January 1, 2013, we will be offering a Special HWN Training Coop that can be used for CDI programs and services.  Representing CDI’s services will allow us to consult with our clients on: fully customized training programs for front line employees, team managers, and organizational leaders.  From retail and B-to-B Sales Training to CDI’s acclaimed “Beat Your Best™ “ Store/Sales Manager Training, HWN & CDI can create and deliver the right training curriculum for any sized business. 

About Hire Well Now: Hire Well Now measures CUSTOMER SATISFACTION using one metric: 24/7/365 

Our team is standing by to insure our platform delivers the HR services customers require, when they are required. Our mission is to make the recruiting, pre-screening, hiring, on boarding, and training processes BETTER for our clients.  This means, we are always open.

For more information on Hire Well Now’s TOTAL SOLUTION PLATFORM for your Human Resources department, please contact Jonathan Bergman at 866.717.9808 or visit us at

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Administrator interaction with Hire Well Now’s Electronic I9 On-Boarding System

This is a short video detailing what the company administrator can expect to see and a step-by-step process on how to execute Section 2 of the Electronic I9 Form

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Can Social Media Help You Recruit???

Recruiting and Social Media:  Waste of Time???

You are probably aware of the importance Social Media is when marketing your business to potential clients but what about using Social Media to recruit new employees?  Which one works the best?  Twitter?  Facebook?  Other?

A recent report, 2012 Career Xroads Sources of Hire:  Channels that Influence offers an in depth look into where over 30 companies attribute the hires they make and how much Recruiting influence you can expect from the various Social Medias.  The findings were interesting that even though Social Media only accounted for 3.5% of the total hires among the 36 companies surveyed, the leaders believed that Social Media played a consistent and influential role in their over-all recruiting efforts as an indirect function of other sources.

For example, referrals accounted for 28% of the total external hires last year.  Knowing that nearly 90% of all professionals are using at least one type of Social Media to express and gain referrals to and from others, it becomes clear that the best way to do this is through Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.   Therefore, even though it may be impossible to tell how many of these referrals were influenced by the various Social Medias, I think we can assume that their influence was enough to take the prospect of using Social Media during recruiting seriously.  

So now we agree that using Social Media for Recruiting New Employees is useful, which ones have the most impact and which ones will work for your business?  First of all, since they are all either free or very inexpensive I would say, why not use them all?  However, the report uncovered some interesting information, which may help guide you if you are looking to focus your efforts into one.  Even though Facebook has recently introduced a professional app called BranchOut, recruiters said that Facebook had very little impact on their recruiting efforts.  Twitter was also given a poor grade when it came to direct influence according to the study.  LinkedIn, however, was far and away the leader among the other leading sites saying that the targeted impact was far greater by use of the profile search the application offers.  Another report; The Bullhorn Report on Social Recruiting, said, “LinkedIn is the most productive network overall for driving job views driving almost nine times more applications than Facebook and three times more applications than Twitter.”

How To Keep Employees Honest

Cliché:  “There’s a first time for everything”

Unfortunately, people guilty of embezzlement, fraud or substance abuse began their wayward path somewhere.  Hopefully, it won’t be while working for your company but if you want to protect yourself and minimize your risk, here’s a good practice…

A Bi-annual employee roster nationwide criminal activity scan can:

1. Keep employees honest

2. Maintain your values and standards

3. Alert you of potential employee issues as conflicts down the road

4. Serve as a preventive measure as your employees know that they will be re-scanned twice per year

The process is easy.  Simply send your entire employee roster to your background check provider.  They will run the checks and send you the reports.  Often, due to the size and frequency of this check, you may qualify for a discount.

5 Ways to Attract Applicants

Here are 5 ways you can take advantage of your existing resources such as your company website, social media and marketing efforts to help attract a healthy funnel of applicants to fill the holes in your roster

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Can Social Media Help You Recruit???

You are probably aware of the importance Social Media is when marketing your business to potential clients but what about using Social Media to recruit new employees? Which one works the best? Twitter? Facebook? Other?

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How To Keep Employees Honest

Unfortunately, people guilty of embezzlement, fraud or substance abuse began their wayward path somewhere. Hopefully, it won’t be while working for your company but if you want to protect yourself and minimize your risk, here’s a good practice…

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Jonathan Bergman named President of Corporate Dynamics Inc.

Corporate Dynamics Inc., a international Sales, Management and Customer Service Training firm joins forces with Hire Well Now, North America’s premier HR Screening Solutions Provider.

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Jonathan Bergman named President of Corporate Dynamics Inc.

Corporate Dynamics Inc and Hire Well Now joins forces under the leadership of Jonathan Bergman to offer a 360 Degree employee solution.

For Immediate Release: May 1, 2012 – Naperville Illinios: Corporate Dynamics, Inc, (CDI) the leader in training and consulting services to independent wireless resellers is pleased to announce that Jonathan “JB” Bergman will be assuming the role of President effective May 1, 2012.  Mr. Bergman started HireWellNow, an employee ASSESSMENT and selection company with a broad range of products for finding the right person and qualifying them to do the best job possible.  HireWellNow will become a division of CDI also to be run by Mr. Bergman.  With the addition of the new services, CDI will now offer it’s clients a comprehensive suite of services ranging from pre-employment testing to employee development programs for Front Line Staff right up through Store Manager and above.

 ” This is a DYNAMIC match”, says Jonathan Bergman ” I am extremely excited and honored to lead Corporate Dynamics. Our 360 degree approach to finding, hiring and developing employee talent will provide our combined customer base a complete employee life-cycle solution aimed at lowering employee turnover, increasing employee retention and increasing employee proficiency. All of this means employees will deliver a better experience to the customer and better ROI to the employer.” 

Mark Landiak, founder of CDI, will assume the role of CEO and conduct a limited number of training and consulting projects on behalf of CDI and WiBOC, the Wireless Business Owners Consortium.  Mr. Landiak will work as the National Director for the Cellular Industry Save-A-Life Foundation, an organization with the mission of reducing the number of accidents, injuries and deaths due to cell phone use while driving.  

In a recent statement, Landiak stated: “There are over 1.6 million accidents per year and even more tragic, 11 teen deaths per day due to Cell Phone use while driving.  As an industry, we have an obligation to address this issue.  Our goal is to work with the wireless community to bring Save-A-Life programs and products to over 5,000 high schools by the end of 2013.”

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Why Customer Loyalty is so important

Customer loyalty drives financial results by increasing same-store sales. When your employees are not a RIGHT FIT for your company, they turn away customers by providing poor experience. Take a look at this dynamic Customer Loyalty info graphic provided by the National Business Research Institute. It depicts the customer “intent to return” cycle.

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