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Employee Onboarding Solutions

Welcome new team members with a convenient and effective onboarding process.

Hire Well Now’s cloud-based OnboardingPLUS™ platform eliminates redundancies, cuts down on errors, and speeds up the process to successfully onboard a new employee. Plus, it provides real-time E-Verify and includes Work Opportunity Tax Credit filing.

Hire Well Now’s onboarding management software brings the typical paperwork experience to the Information Age. Feel free to contact us online or by calling 866-717-9808.


Digital Documents

I9 with

Work Opportunity
Tax Credits

New Hire Paperwork Made Easy

Better Candidate Experience

Digital employee onboarding makes a great impression on new hires by removing the hassle of completing paperwork by hand and shortening the time it takes to successfully onboard.

Better Employer Experience

Hire Well Now’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard makes verifying I9’s, W4’s, and other new-hire paperwork a breeze. What management team wouldn’t want to decrease the average time it takes to complete the hiring process? Save all that effort and energy to welcome your new team member, set them up for success, and transition them to begin working alongside their colleagues.

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A smoother onboarding process lets new hires get started on the right foot.
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