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Recruiting & Hiring Solutions

Find the best people fast with Hire Well Now.

Our Recruitment Specialists guide you through a customized hiring process driven by targeted job descriptions and powerful assessment tools. Get real-time access to actionable information every step of the way with our advanced RecruitingPlus™ platform.

Powerful Applicant Tracking

Managed Recruiting Team

Live Support Team

Applicant Screening and Insights

Get the Right People on Your Team

Powerful Applicant Tracking

We took an applicant tracking system made for recruiters and turbo-charged it with tools to help you determine the very best candidates from the rest. Best of all, our system is intuitive and has the end-user in mind. We have integrated our advanced screening tools like behavioral assessments, background checks and onboarding to make recruiting hassle-free and highly effective.

  • Attract and Engage job seekers by broadcasting your jobs to the nation’s top job boards, accept applications online through a branded career page and provide an ideal candidate experience through personalized automated emails.
  • Interview, score and collaborate on applicants with an easy workflow that lets you review resumes, schedule interviews and make decisions from any device. A dedicated newsfeed for each candidate allows for fast feedback and puts everyone on the same page throughout the hiring process.
  • Offer and hire with confidence with single-click background check launching and customizable offer letters. Execute electronic new hire documents and set calendar reminders for all involved.
  • Analyze and react with up-to-the-moment stats involving applicant flows, recruiter activity and sourcing effectiveness. A simple-to-generate report engine means you have the information that you need, when you need it to make critical decisions about your recruiting and hiring efforts.

Managed Recruiting Services

Would you buy a car from someone who couldn’t drive? Our in-house recruiting team utilizes every tool in our arsenal to find the very best candidates for our clients. Recruiters are assigned to specific clients for continuity and accountability. Our team has required KPI’s to achieve for our clients every day. Do yours?

  • Reduce time to hire your applicants with a team of recruiters who understand that today’s job seekers can work for any company they choose. We move applicants quickly and effectively through the recruiting and interview stages to capture more than our fair share of top talent.
  • Our technology and systems are best-in-class to provide a quality experience for your job candidates.
  • We manage the way you would if all you did was recruiting! The difference? This is what we do. So we are laser-focused on generating results our clients need to be successful. Every recruiting client is reviewed weekly by leadership to make sure goals are being attained.
  • Our team is right here in the corporate office in the middle of the USA. We hire incredibly diverse talent and work together to solve client challenges.
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Live Support Team

When you need help, you need it NOW. Not in 24 to 48 hours.

And usually, a video just doesn’t cut it! Our in-house support team is there to make your recruiting, onboarding and retention tasks easier. We answer the phones and return emails ASAP, usually within minutes. Our team has been trained in every aspect of our business. This means one call, to one person can answer any question or offer help to any and all of our services or solutions.

  • On-demand training via webinar on any and all of our tools. You have a new manager or staffer that needs to use our tools? No problem, we will train them so they can be extremely effective in no time.
  • We handle minutia all of the time for our clients. We like it! Job reposting, refreshing, customized job descriptions, comp analysis by market and job ad placement can all be done for your team with a phone call or email to our support team.
  • One team and one vision. We help our clients hire faster and retain talent longer. It’s our passion, our mission and we are relentless.

Applicant Screening and Insights

Never interview someone you wouldn’t hire.  Hire Well Now creates customized applicant screening based on your specific needs. Receive detailed information in an easy-to-use interface and fully integrated into the applicant tracking process.

  • Predict applicant behavior as they pertain to the job and tasks they will be performing. Not every job and task can be done by every person. And that is ok! You need to make sure the applicant’s traits and talents fit the job role. This ensures success for the employer and employee.
  • Understand your risks when making a hiring decision. Our background screening is not a one-size-fits-all program. We will design a package or series of packages that make sense for your company, based on each individual job role.

Need to Boost Your Recruiting Strategy?

Better recruiting leads to longer retention. Partner with Hire Well Now to find the right people right now.