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Recruiting Solutions

Find the best people fast with Hire Well Now.

Our Recruitment Specialists will guide you through a customized recruitment and hiring process that’s driven by targeted job descriptions and powerful assessment tools. Get real-time access to actionable information every step of the way with our advanced RecruitingPlus™ platform.

Powerful Applicant Tracking

Managed Recruiting Team

Live Support Team

Applicant Screening and Insights

Get the Right People on Your Team

Powerful Applicant Tracking

We took an applicant tracking system (ATS) made for recruiters and turbo-charged it with tools to help you determine the very best candidates from the rest. Best of all, our system is intuitive and has the end-user in mind. Employee acquisition isn’t just about finding the best qualified candidate anymore. We have integrated our advanced screening tools like behavioral assessments, background checks and onboarding to make recruiting hassle-free and highly effective. What else does our solution have to offer?

Managed Recruiting Services

Our highly skilled Recruitment Specialists are in-house and select the best candidates for clients by utilizing the best technology in the recruitment industry: our RecruitingPlus™ platform. The Recruitment Specialists build a relationship with clients through continuous support as opposed to getting help from a different recruiter each time. We also sustain client satisfaction through the results that our specialists deliver. Our specialists are required to make achievements every single day for our clients, so Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are always monitored!

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Live Support Team

When you need help, you need it NOW. Not in 24 to 48 hours.

Have peace of mind knowing that when you need help, our in-house support team will respond to your phone call or email urgently — usually within minutes. We also train our team in every aspect of our business, enabling anyone that you communicate with at Hire Well Now to confidently help or answer questions about the employment solutions we offer. Here’s what else you’ll receive:

Applicant Screening and Insights

There is “one size fits all” in candidate recruitment or selection. Always try to find the “best fit” for the job role and company culture. We’ll make sure you have all the detailed information that you need to avoid scheduling too many interviews and make the most thoughtful hiring decisions possible.

Need to Boost Your Recruiting Strategy?

Better recruiting leads to longer retention. Partner with Hire Well Now to find the right people right now.