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Powerful Employee Engagement Software

Learning how to retain your best talent is the key to business success. Hire Well Now’s ePULSE™ employee engagement tools will help you understand what your employees need for long-term success.

Get the pulse of your workforce anytime, in real-time. Gather insights that will help you retain your workforce longer.

Workplace Culture

Employee Satisfaction

Onboarding Success

Exit Interviews

Gather Actionable Intelligence to Improve Employee Retention


Get advanced employee insights with Hire Well Now’s powerful ePULSE™ Employee Engagement platform, which includes comprehensive job satisfaction surveys. 

WorkPlace Culture

Hire Well Now’s ePULSE™ makes it easy to understand how employees perceive your company’s culture. As a result, you have the insights you need to adjust your employee retention strategies and improve your company culture.

Onboarding Success

Onboarding new employees can be tricky. How do you know if new hires are having a good experience throughout the onboarding process? Find out with Hire Well Now.

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Job Satisfaction Surveys & Interviews

Think money is all that matters to your employees? Think again.

Many people stay in jobs for less pay—and sometimes leave for less pay—when they feel it meets other important needs.

Exit Interviews

When people leave your organization, ePULSE™ will automatically survey them to find out why they left.

Understanding why people leave will help you pinpoint specific ways to improve your retention strategies.

Better Retention Starts Here

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