About Hire Well Now

Better Hiring Starts Here

How critical is making the right hiring decision to your business? If your business is like ours, the MOST IMPORTANT decision you can make is deciding “who” is doing “what” in your organization. Regardless of the business you are in, success is all about the RIGHT PEOPLE, doing the RIGHT THINGS, enough times.


Hire Well Now is all about making the practice of hiring BETTER.


So how do we make hiring BETTER? We focus on what we believe are the most important elements of hiring.


Better Recruiting – Take advantage of our RecruitsNOW program and stop paying for clicks.  Tell us how many qualified applicants you want for each position and that’s what you pay for.

Better Hiring Processes – Our MOBILE FRIENDLY Applicant Tracking System is designed to meet every user where they are without changing the way they work with superior visibility and record keeping.

Better Applicant Insights – How do you find the RIGHT people?  Get superior candidate insights and easy to read reports with FITAssessment and FITReference.  Our science team has verified benchmarks for over 900 positions, so we can taylor these programs to your needs perfectly.

Better Pre-Screening – Hire Well Now’s cloud based Background Checks and Drug Screening system is not only FAST but extremely reliable.  Minimize your risk of Negligence in Hiring lawsuits and give your self peace of mind.

Better Employee Onboarding – New hire paperwork made easy and MOBILE!  OnboardingPLUS™allows your new hires to complete their required paperwork accurately from any secure internet terminal,  from any mobile device!

Better Employee Insights – Make it easy for your employees to tell you what they think with our MOBILE FRIENDLY, customized Employee surveys.  We offer customizable surveys that give you the information you need to keep the amazing staff you worked so hard to get.


However, the biggest secret to BETTER HIRING isn’t the best in class tools and solutions we offer.

The secret is providing BETTER SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS. Not every company has a massive HR department. In reality, most businesses have a very modest HR Department. We understand that. That’s why our team is here to help our clients get the very most out of the products and services we offer. We are not a “set it and forget it” kind of company. In fact, we are just the opposite. The Hire Well Now team is dedicated to helping our clients make better hiring decisions and we have a whatever it takes mindset to make that happen.


But don’t take our word for it. Throughout the product categories, clients have reached out to us with words of thanks and support for what we do. You will see those in areas labeled “what our clients are saying.”


We would love the opportunity to share with you our many solutions. Whether your company needs an end-to-end process or just a service or two to complete an existing process, Hire Well Now will gladly provide whatever it is that your business needs to hire BETTER. Please feel free to drop us a note on one of the contact areas of the site or just “Request A Demo” to get a conversation started.


Give us a call and let us show you why we believe that BETTER HIRING, starts here.





Jonathan Bergman

CEO & Better Hiring Enthusiast of Hire Well Now








Hire Well Now is a locally owned corporation with corporate office in West Plains Missouri.