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About Hire Well Now

Employee Recruitment, Onboarding, & Retention Specialists

What good is getting the best people into your company only to have them jump ship soon after coming on board? Recruitment without retention wastes time, energy and money for employees and employers alike.

At Hire Well Now, that’s what drives our unrelenting commitment to Faster Recruitment Strategies and Longer Talent Retention for our client partners.

People + Technology = Success

Hire Well Now’s dedicated experts have a first-hand understanding of what it takes to get and keep the best talent. We work closely with clients to use our best-in-class onboarding and retention software to its fullest potential.


Work with experienced Recruiting, Onboarding and Retention Specialists who understand your needs. We’ll help you attract the most promising applicants, make more profitable hiring decisions and maximize employee job satisfaction.


Our cloud-based platform is easily accessible to employers and employees alike. Find and track your best candidates from the moment they fill out an application until the day you extend an offer. Smooth out the onboarding process to get new hires started on the right foot. Manage employee satisfaction with ePULSE™, our employee engagement tool that helps us combat high turnover rates.


Recruitment techniques that result in a faster time to hire. An easier onboarding process. Happier employees. Put it all together and watch your business succeed.

Company History

Founded in 2010 by Better Hiring Enthusiasts Jonathan Bergman and Robert Butler, Hire Well Now offers customized service from dedicated experts.

It all began in a Basement: 7/10/2010

Co-founders Jonathan Bergman and Robert Butler began researching and developing the idea of Hire Well Now by slapping concepts, ideas, theories and wishes on the Bergman Basement Walls.

It all goes live: 1/1/2011

Hire Well Now launched our first website and announced to the world "open for business." Jonathan focused on Business Development and Robert, everything else!

We developed our first piece of recruitment tech: 6/13/2011

We set out to change the world by giving business owners tools to make better hiring decisions with our behavioral assessments. By June of that year, our customers needed a better way to gather applicants and deliver assessments. So we built a very basic Applicant Application System. We also hired our first employee this year.

Hire Well Now meets Newton Software: Early 2012

Our customers needed a better application solution, so we worked with Newton Software to offer a Best in Class Applicant Tracking solution. Customers loved it! We had to hire another employee to help support customers using the new platform.

Background checks: June 2013

Our customers were needing a better way to screen potential we jumped in!

Employee onboarding: March 2015

Customers needed a hassle-free way to get new hire paperwork done, so we co-built employee onboarding software. We gave it real-time E-Verify and starting doing Work Opportunity Tax Credits for our clients as a bonus!

Managed recruiting: October 2016

We had a really good customer who was fed up with figuring out how to recruit employees. Jonathan (JB) made some silly comment that it can't be that hard. So we opened our own Recruiting Service for employers. We started this year with 5 of us. We ended up hiring 7 new people to handle our clients’ recruiting needs.

Employee satisfaction surveys: January 2017

We needed to figure out why employee turnover was so high in retail, so like the brain surgeons we are, we started calling employees who quit our clients and asked, “What gives?" We also hired a few more folks!

ePULSE™ comes to life: September 2019

We debuted our secret weapon to tackle turnover and increase retention rates at the iQmetrix MeetUp summit in Denver. Business owners LOVE IT! We now have around 26 employees and I have no idea what they do here!


Jonathan Bergman (JP)

Jonathan Bergman (JB)

CEO and Better Hiring Enthusiast

Robert Butler

Director of Client Services

Robert Butler is the Director of Client Services and has been with Hire Well Now since the doors opened in 2011.  His background in sales and sales management in wireless, radio marketing and local retail has helped him develop many of the processes and products offered by Hire Well Now today.  Robert is an alumnus of the University of Missouri, enjoys traveling with his wife and two children and loves to play golf on the weekends.

Emily Burton

Emily Burton

Support Team Lead and Employee #1

Emily Burton has been a part of the Hire Well Now team since 2013. (In fact, she was our first employee and often goes by #1) She is currently the Support Team Lead helping to promote better hiring practices to our clients. She enjoys building strong relationships with each client and strives to anticipate their needs before they do. In a word Emily is “AWESOME-SAUCE!”

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Hiring the right talent is the most important decision you will ever make. And developing and retaining that talent ensures your long-term success.

Your path to Faster Hiring and Longer Retention starts here.