Personality Plus®

Personality Plus
Everyone has made good hiring decisions using traditional interviewing methods. Unfortunately, these methods have also led to making many poor hiring decisions that cost the company money. Insiders estimate the cost of a failed employee within the first 90 days is upwards of 30% of their first year salary! In todays economic climate, business owners simply cannot afford hiring mistakes The Personality Plus assessment measures 10 key personality traits. We then match those traits and behaviors are against national models of successful employees across the nation. The result is finding the RIGHT employee to what the job requires.

Personality Plus Success Patterns
Hiring Suite provides a model of your top performers for every job position in your company. When you make hiring choices, base them on standards that you know work well in your business culture. Eliminate hiring mistakes, reduce turnover and increase profitability with the Hiring Suite.

Q: Is there software to load on our office computers?
A: No. The entire system is web based.

Q: How long are the employee assessments?
A: Assessments take only 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

The Hiring Suite is an extremely flexible tool. Employee assessments are indexed by name. You can return to those assessments during employee performance reviews, promotion considerations or anytime you need to review the data.